About This Project

The origin of this project resides in the roof tiles using the body’s thigh as a mold, a type of work carried out by the working class of almost all of Latin America, and is based on the development of colonial tiles for the haciendas, during the time of the Spanish conquest. These tiles are made according to the manufacturer’s body thigh measurement, resulting in the roof of a house being a kind of body print. This technique (already part of a tradition) is maintained to this day, in the Chilean countryside.

The location of this installation consists of a variation of order and placing the tiles inverted, so that they contain and irrigate the water through their concave part. From Santiago, the connectors to branch the linear network will be designed and manufactured, a water pump and a quantity of liters of water contained in an industrial drum will be arranged, which will flow into a pool made of PVC plastic.

The project treats the territory as an extension of the body, which is arranged to be traversed by the local water, which flows from the tap of the city, a kind of blood system that makes up the inhabitants of the same place.