About This Project

collective exhibition “Examples to follow”,

Cultural Park of Valparaíso,

Valparaíso-Chile 2017

The “build a river” project is part of the collective “Examples to follow”, an exhibition that focuses on models of sustainability. The idea of ​​this work is to create a channel according to the map line of the Marga-Marga river that crosses the fifth region of Chile. The pipe, made of ceramic and bronze, is fed by a 200-liter water conatiner, functioning as drain for two hours daily to water a network of Jacarandá trees. The piece uses the park’s slope as a gravitational system of falling water.

Build a river, 2017 / ceramic pieces modeled after pipes for rainwater drainage, bronze, 200-liter drum, hose.

9.00 x 2.00 x1.00 m.