About This Project

FONT is an installation that proposes the creation of a new temperature controlled environment, based on the circulation of water. Composed of a pyramid-shaped dome, structured by iron and biodegradable plastic, it contains a kind of water border. This wet curtain is presented as a transparent wrap for a new world where oyster mushrooms proliferate. These coexist on an octagonal wooden structure, hidden behind the waterfall that extends from the museum’s original pool. Behind the curtain of water, there is a new landscape with environmental conditions that depend on water, temperature, and oxygen.

The work can only be seen from the outside, being able to enter its interior from the projection of a closed TV system, by means of a security camera.

This condition is given to avoid the imbalance of the controlled environment, as a result of temperature changes by continuously opening and closing the dome. At the same time, the non-opening of the incubator gives a sacred and untouchable meaning to the work, producing two parallel temporalities.