About This Project

The conch shells that are in motion in both aquariums were collected on the coasts of Puerto Yartou, Tierra del Fuego, at the CAB 2019 Residence; Its collection made it possible to see beyond the nacre and the calcium, eddies of different sizes that resemble a waterspout, a whirlwind in the north or a spiral galaxy; an ascending spine modified by the temporality and the movement of the Ocean, inhabiting thanks to the tide, between the land and the sea. These are suspended by volcanic stones, where each one is correlative to the weight of the one holding it, a gravitational dependence operating between them to stay afloat and to circulate again, by means of the water current.



Two glass aquariums, iron structure, volcanic stones, sedimentary stones, sea shells, hoses, water pumps, arduino electrical system, water.

2 m. x 2 m. 60 cm.