No one can push the river

About This Project

No one can push the river,  2016

This project was born in the context of the Bilbao Arte residence in 2015, under the name of Catastros de Agua. This continually developing project shows different river basins in order to measure time through the shape of rivers. This publication covers two projects carried out in two different parts of the world, Bilbao-Spain and Santiago de Chile; with two rivers that cross these cities with different water flows, the Bilbao and Maipo rivers. The formal study of both rivers has been represented by ceramic half-pipe pieces.

This exhibition studies the force of gravity as the main conditioner of the waterfalls and the order of things, assigning a specific temporality to everything on Earth and in the Universe. Under the impossibility of pushing or stopping time, the project inserts this question through the falling of the water and its descent through a manufactured territory.