The water returned to the earth in meteorites and to the moon in a comet

About This Project

“The water returned to the earth in meteorites and to the moon in a comet”

These structures composed of model-type pipes formally respond to representations of hydrographic maps, in this case the Maipo River and its tributaries. Here the water flows through the earthenware tributaries, irrigating with more or less flow depending on the slope and its ramifications, finally draining into household containers, to return to the pipes through a system of water pumps and hoses, controlled by arduinos and solenoid valves.

Along with the above, the exhibition is made up of a series of photographs, underwater images, which show the boundary between the aquatic environment and the air, printed with chromalux technology made in the Basque Country, which dialogue with orbiting volcanic stones between projections of shadows and fluids. All these elements are chromatically stressed with the video “nobody can push the river”. The latter was filmed with a waterproof camera in different parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean between 2014-2016. The images in this video are linked by different shades of water, showing their terrestrial environment in a few seconds, only when the camera comes to the surface and returns the observer to earth. In this way, the video seeks to destabilize earthly space to show that the planet is united by its oceans and that water is conditioned by a gravitational force and planetary attraction, which has an impact on our nature and landscape.