About This Project

3 clepsydras: stainless steel structure, plastic drums, transparent hose, 120 lt of water, 3 water pumps / ink drawings / semi-day video projection.

The sample is made up of two representations from time, where water is used as a measuring instrument and its movement corresponds to seconds, minutes and hours. The first work is made up of columns that function as Clepsydras (water clocks), which at different speeds measure the length of time the room remains open during the day after the water falls. These have an ambivalent operation: in a daytime phase, the water falls in a certain time and in a second phase, they are refilled thanks to a cyclically moving water pump.

The second work is a video of shots under the surface of the sea, which explains the relationship between the force of gravity through a tidal graph, the movement of the moon, and the sun.

In this way, the project uses values ​​granted by the movement of the waters, either from their fall or from the oscillation of the tides, evoking fleeting circadian rhythms.