About This Project

Built with ceramic and bronze pipes, the piece is articulated as an organ through which water circulates continuously, this being the unifying element and the only contact between them. Around 400 liters of water circulate through the structure, flowing and contained in two pools. Each one irrigates the opposite circuit from where it receives the water, so that water returns being pumped in the reverse direction through which it falls.

The exhibition also includes a separate piece, composed of a motorized object from which three volcanic stones are suspended, which simulate being meteorites wrapped in the same gravitational field, as a kind of stone family, the three subjects present a cyclical movement, the first orbits around its own center, the second orbits the first and the third the second, thus its orbit are fixed, but their alignment is always changing.

Finally, as a thir element, the exhibition closes with a screen-printe image, where all its elements are dual, including the image of an eclipse of the sun, which is in conversation between the moon and earth.


Swing 2018

*ceramic, leather, bronze, copper, aluminum, pvc, pumps, arduino control system, iron.


Orbital 2018

*volcanic stones, acrylic, servo motor, arduino control system, copper, aluminum and security camera.



CCU Art Room,

Santiago de Chile,

June 2018